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Hello there! You may call me Alexandria, or the queen of this blog. I'm a Communications student and full-time nerd, as well as an extrovert (though you wouldn't think it). I'm also a feminist, bisexual, and aromantic, and that will show on this blog. If I have to admit to any bookworm clich├ęs, I confess that I wear glasses and drink tea. 

I am very fortunate to have a librarian for a mother, so I am thankful for the opportunities this gives me, getting to read brand new library books and know about author events. Authors I have met or seen speak:
  • Kate De Goldi (I was quite young at the time, but I remember the advice she told me: don't ever throw out any of your writing.)
  • Andy Griffiths (He told we young writers in the room to buy a cheap exercise book so you write down all your ideas, not just the good ones.)
  • Cassandra Clare (2011 Auckland Readers and Writers Festival)
  • Meg Rosoff and Margo Lanagan (ditto)
  • Garth Nix and Sean Williams (ditto)
  • Melinda Szymanik (I attended a workshop in 2012)
  • John Marsden (2014 Auckland Readers and Writers Festival)
  • and a few other New Zealand authors 
Isobelle Carmody came to my school in 2013 to speak to the Year 9s, which included my sister. I wasn't invited because I was in Year 11. I never forgave, and I never forgot.
I'm Alexandria, a 19-year-old reader/writer/blogger from New Zealand. I love language, history, and sci-fi. Hi! I'm always around if you want to talk, which you can do via comments, the contact form, or Facebook.

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