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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Summer Hiatus & December Wrap Up

This month has gone so fast! So what's the goss, you ask?



  • I finally got my learner's licence! I passed the theory test with 100%.
  • Our prime minister resigned out of the blue - whaaat?
  • On Boxing Day (26th December) I'm going away for an indefinite period and will most likely not have internet access, so I'm taking a break from blogging. This "holiday" is so I can work but I'm hoping to get a lot of reading and writing done too, I just won't be able to blog about it. So have a great Christmas and New Year, everybody, and I'll see you in 2017!



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Cait at Paper Fury wrote about the 8 types of book reviewers. Which type(s) are you?
Greg at Book Haven posted the best book covers of the year.

How was your December? How was your year? Any plans or goals for 2017?

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

November Wrap Up



  • I had my birthday! I still don't feel 19 yet.
  • Uni ended. I had an exam and got my final results. Now I have 3 months until Year 2!
  • My country had a major earthquake! I didn't feel it though. For those of us who weren't affected, it was great, because it gave the media something to report on other than the US election. Obviously it wasn't great for all the people affected - people's homes were wrecked and it must've been a traumatising time, especially for students sitting exams!
  • I've been applying for jobs. No luck though :(




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    Finally finished:
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    Read from the start:
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    Cait at Paper Fury finished NaNoWriMo in 3 days!!! How? What?
    Bec at Readers Wonderland told us how to find time to read.
    Puput at Sparkling Letters discussed discussion posts - why you should post them and how to write them.
    Nemo at Young Adult At Heart wrote about why diversity is important to her.

    November was a very good reading and blogging month for me, yay! What did you get up to this month?

    Tuesday, 1 November 2016

    October: a busy month

    Winter's out, summer's in!


    I was hardly active on this blog last month. If you missed me, here are the possible reasons why:

    • University ended, so I had all sorts of assignments due! (Now I only have one exam next week, on the 7th (which is also my birthday...) and then I've completed my first year of uni!
    • I was sick during almost the whole last week of uni, which is also when I had two assignments due, so I didn't have the energy to blog. 
    • I was participating in my second Femslash Exchange! This is a yearly gift exchange when you create F/F stories (mostly fanfiction, but original work is a category too) or art, and receive one in return. I wrote three things this year, which was really fun.
    • I was binge watching a British sit-com. 
    • I was reading War and Peace, one of the longest novels published. I'm hoping to finish it today, so stand by for a long review!


    Top Ten Villains on TV

    Top Ten Characters I'd Name a Cat After


    Just this and nothing else. Well, except for stuff I had to read for uni. And fanfiction.

    Posts around the blogosphere 

    Aentee at Read At Midnight hosted #CritYourFaves, which I sadly found out about too late to participate in.
    Berls at Fantasy Is More Fun asked what unimportant elements draw you to a book.
    Jordon at Simply Adrift discussed what makes you WANT to read a book blog. I fail miserably.
    Reg at She Latitude posted about the 'Not to Read' Pile. I found this very relevant as I'm forever adding to and culling my TBR list.

    How was your October? Productive? Busy? Fun??

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