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Friday, 30 June 2017

June Wrap Up



  • I hate winter. Bleugh. Winter is definitely the worst season. I don't like being cold, and I don't like it being dark at 5pm.
  • I didn't blog much - I had exams and wasn't inspired to write anything - but I read some great posts from lots of other bloggers, so that was something.
  • Exams... happened. Which means I'm halfway through my degree! I'm also on break now, which is great.
  • I watched a lot of TV. New seasons of Orange Is the New Black, Orphan Black, and Wynonna Earp came out and I'm all caught up now with those. I also watched Marco Polo, which was incredible. I'm sad that Netflix cancelled it after 2 seasons - the story wasn't finished!
  • I went to the movies a couple of times, to see Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and My Cousin Rachel. They were good.
  • I was naughty and read some books that weren't on my TBR and added to my TBR. But I then did a TBR purge so I've ended up with a smaller list than before. My TBR is now a reasonable and manageable 40 books.



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Around the blogosphere

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How was your June? Do you hate winter as much as I do? How much do you enjoy wrapping yourself in a blanket and reading a good book?

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